Trump just LIKED a tweet about sexually assaulting women (Tweets)


Even with all of the high-profile men that have recently been taken down by the brave women coming forward about sexual misconduct, the President of the United States continues to escape punishment or even much scrutiny, even though he is the worst offender of them all.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump seems to take some sort of pleasure in watching others get taken down for their devious behavior, while he still coasts by unharmed. Recently, Trump was caught “liking” a very curious tweet on Twitter, and it’s causing a lot of alarm.

Trump rarely presses the “like” button on Twitter, but last night he did — and it was a tweet of the Wall Street Journal‘s report about the dozens of sexual misconduct allegations against Las Vegas mogul and RNC finance chair Steve Wynn — who also happens to be Trump’s friend! In fact, they’re not just friends: Wynn was at Mar-a-Lago hosting a party earlier this month.

Here’s that tweet, as reported by Jake Tapper:

Considering the fact that Trump had called Wynn a “great friend” in 2016, this is certainly bizarre behavior from the president — especially considering his own history of sexual misconduct.

This like was flagged by Trump Alerts, a twitter account that tracks what the Trump family does on social media.

The allegations against Wynn are horrific, stating that he’d forced several of his employees to “perform sex acts” on him. Wynn has even paid off a manicurist who said he’d forced her to have sex with him a hefty $7.5 million after the incident.

No one knows why the hell Trump liked this tweet, but it’s certainly surprising given Trump’s own sexual assault allegations. It didn’t take long for people on Twitter to point this out, making Trump instantly regret it. Here are some of the responses: