Trump loses it in front of the World when asked about Russia (Video)


During a joint press conference at the White House with the leaders of the Baltic States, Trump came unhinged and fell apart when asked about Russia. (Video below)


Trump said. “Well, I hope we’ll be able to have great dialogue, I hope. And if we can’t, you’ll be the first to know about it. Nobody’s been tougher on Russia than I have. And I know you’re nodding yes, because everyone agrees when they think about it, strong energy, the United States. My opponent was into other forms of energy, like windmills. We’re very strong on energy. We’re essentially now energy independent. We’re an exporter of energy.

That is not a positive for Russia, but it’s certainly a positive for the United States. We just passed a $700 billion military budget, next year, $716 billion, the largest ever passed. We are going to have a military stronger than we’ve ever had before, by far. And that’s not exactly a great thing for Russia. But that’s the way it is. We’re going to have the strongest military that we ever had. NATO, NATO was delinquent. They were not paying their bills. They were not paying a lot of states, as we discussed. They were not paying what they should be paying. Since I came in, many, many billions of dollars additional have been paid by countries that weren’t paying and now they’re paying. And they will have to pay more, frankly.

They’re going to have to pay more. So there are many things that I’ve done and not only the 60 diplomats. German did four. France did four. We did 60. There’s nobody been tougher on Russia. And with that being said, I think I could have a very good relationship with President Putin, I think. It’s possible I won’t. And you will know about it, believe me. This room will know about it before I know about it. It’s a real possibility that I could have a good relationship. And remember this. Getting along with Russia is a good thing. Getting along with China is a good thing. Getting along with other countries, including your three countries, is a good thing, not a bad thing. So I think I could have a very good relationship with Russia and with president Putin. And if I did, that would be a great thing. And there’s also a great possibility that won’t happen. Who knows? Okay? Thank you. Okay.”

Trump could not deliver an answer on Russia that made any sense. His claim that nobody has been tougher on Russia than he has is proven false by Trump’s own lack of action against and criticism of Russia. Trump refuses to say anything bad about Putin. This is a president who regularly attacks US allies, but he refuses to criticize an authoritarian enemy of the United States. Trump blew up at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after Senate Republicans passed sanctions against Russia.

No one is falling for Trump’s wait and see games anymore. The Trump presidency is fifteen months old. His relationship with Putin has already been established. Trump is afraid of Putin. His fear was put on full display when he crumbled instead of giving an honest and coherent answer about Putin and Russia.

Watch video below: