Just In: Trump Makes Insane War Threat That Is Freaking Everyone Out


In line with his belligerent style, Donald Trump just issued a thinly veiled and extremely believable war threat, and now the whole world’s freaking out, Huffingtonpost reported.

Flanked by military leaders at a Thursday dinner, Trump declared “you’ll find out” if America is about to go to war—as if he was transitioning some game-show to a commercial break!

Sadly, we’re all at the point now where we don’t know WHAT Trump’s liable to do next. But surely one of the top items on his list is war, and what a perfectly pathetic smokescreen that would be for Trump to distract the American people going forward from the sordid, treasonous revelations of Russiagate.

That’s why we’re taking Trump’s latest bellicose comments beyond seriously. Trump gave these comments on Thursday while hosting senior U.S. military officials—like Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford and Vice Chairman Gen. Paul Selva—for dinner in the White House’s Blue Room.

When Trump’s team called the press in for a quick photo op, things got downright uncomfortable—all courtesy of Trump, of course. That’s because, out of nowhere and right during the middle of these photos, Trump openly threatened that war is nigh.

“You guys know what this represents?” Trump spontaneously called out to the reporters present. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm […] You’ll find out.”

No one’s stupid here, we know EXACTLY what Trump’s getting at. So, naturally shocked at the severe implications of what Trump was suggesting, the press immediately asked for clarification from the Brute-in-Chief.

“What’s the storm?” a reporter spoke up. “On Iran? On ISIS? On what?”

But Trump wasn’t going to let his disturbing cliffhanger go to waste, simply ignoring the reporter’s question. “We have the world’s great military people. Thank you all for coming,” he said as the photo op ended.

As you can imagine, social media has been exploding with theories about what Trump actually meant. The first and most prevalent theory is war. But other suggestions are at play, too, like Trump’s firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller or his nixing of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Others, like Rep. Ted Lieu, have been using the drama to mobilize legislation against Trump’s belligerence. Lieu took to Twitter to rep his own bill that would prevent Trump from making a pre-emptive nuclear strike without Congressional approval.

“Freaked out?” Rep. Lieu tweeted. “Support HR 669 by Sen @EdMarkey & me. Bill prohibits @POTUS from launching nuclear 1st strike without Congressional approval.”