Trump Just Woke Up & Bitterly Attacked Puerto Ricans On Twitter


Donald Trump ran on many braggadocios and largely unrealistic campaign promises. One of those promises was to be the best, the hugest, the most competent infrastructure president the United States has ever seen. Trump was going to fix every infrastructure problem in the country and Make America Great Again in the process.

That is, unless you’re a brown American. In that case, you’re on your own, even after a massive natural disaster like Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico’s debt, which the Puerto Rican citizens not in government would have no responsibility for, has nothing to do with using federal emergency disaster funds to save the lives of American citizens there. The infrastructure is certainly a mess at this point after a Category 5 hurricane ripped through the island, and 84 percent of Puerto Rican people are currently without electricity.

Emergency efforts after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey reportedly went very well and Trump praised himself as well and even saw his disastrous approval ratings tick up slightly as a result. However, the insufficient response in Puerto Rico has nothing to do with Trump, in his mind, and can only be blamed on the people there who do not live in a red state and have no electoral college votes to offer the new president for 2020.

They’re on their own.

Twitter responded with sheer incredulity at Trump’s vicious attack on an already suffering people.