Trump Just Received an Unpleasant Welcome in The Philippines


In an effort to protest the arrival of Trump, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Manila en route to the U.S. embassy. Riot police were forced to block the march as they shouted chants against the American president, such as “Trump, not welcome,” and wielded signs reading “Ban Trump” and “Dump Trump.”

Other protestors splashed black paint on a poster of Trump’s face with the word “fascist” written underneath.

Trump’s arrival in Manila marks the final legal of his 12-day tour of Asia. He will attend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.

“Trump is no friend of the Filipino people. He brings war. He brings economic impositions. He wants to bring the U.S. war on terror in the Philippines. He wants to drag us in the politics in North Korea. He wants to bring back U.S. bases in the Philippines. He does things that are not beneficial to the Filipino people,” one protestor said.

The protest comes on the heels of Trump’s increasingly incendiary rhetoric against North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Yesterday, the President tweeted what may very well be the single most petulant, childish tweet of his presidency.

For clarification, Trump is 71-years-old.

“Trump represents the worst aspects of US imperialism,” the left-wing group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan told the Southeast Asia Globe. “He is right now the biggest threat to regional peace with his provocations against North Korea.”

While Trump may have expected pomp and circumstance in Asia, the President found out firsthand that he is as unpopular abroad as he is at home.