Just In: Trump Could Be Removed From Office Without Impeachment


Democrats have been trying to remove President Donald Trump from power since before he officially took office. Now, it appears that they may have found a way to achieve this goal without even getting Trump impeached.

It was reported that earlier this year, Democrats placed all their hopes for a Trump impeachment in White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the president’s supposed collusion with Russia in last year’s election.

However, in the past few weeks, Republicans have attempted to impede on the progress of this investigation by accusing multiple members of Mueller’s investigative team of having a strong anti-Trump bias.

With things heating up, Democrats have looked for a new way to force Trump out of office – just in case he removes Mueller from the investigation. In the last few months, numerous lawmakers have been forced to resign after being accused of sexual misconduct. And they’re hoping to do the same with Trump and his litany of sexual assault accusers.

But, when you think about it – is this even a strategy? Doesn’t this just fall under the category of: Do the right thing? All of these women, thankfully, feel brave enough (finally) to come forward with their harrowing tales of sexual assault, abuse and misconduct. They should be believed. For far too long these women have suffered in silence, worried about how society would treat them for coming forward. But, luckily, it seems as though the tide is starting to change when it comes to sexual assault.

While these stories are increasingly difficult to read about, it’s important and vital to the progression of society to encourage these victims to go public with their stories. Nobody should ever have to suffer in silence. So, yes – Trump should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for the crimes he’s committed against these women. But that should’ve just happened regardless of his job title.
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