Trump supporter calls C-Span, threatens to shoot CNN reporters


On Friday, a Trump supporter called in CSPAN threatening “to shoot” CNN’s Brian Stelter and Don Lemon. The on-air call happened during C-SPAN’s Greta Brawner’s show. (Video below)

The caller identified himself as “Don from State College, Pennsylvania.” Don started out by accusing Stelter and Lemon of “calling Trump supporters all racists.”

Don stated, “It all started when Trump got elected. [Stelter and Lemon] don’t even know us. They don’t even know these Americans out here and they’re calling us racist because we voted for Trump.”

Before he abruptly ended the call, he added, “They started the war. If I see ’em, I’m going to shoot ’em. Bye.”

This threat comes as Trump has repeated his attack on the media, calling the press “the enemy of the people” and “fake news.” Stelter played the clip hours after Trump attacked the press in an early morning tweet.

On Sunday, Stelter discussed the threat during his show, “Reliable Sources.” He said he was not trying to get sympathy but he wanted to shed light on the situation.

He stated, “I’m not asking for sympathy, I don’t think I’m in extreme danger, I know some of my colleagues get much worse threats than I do. CNN has a great security team and we know how to handle this stuff.”

Watch video below: