Trump Supporter Unhappy No One Wants To Date Him Because He Supports Trump



When beginning to date someone, it’s important to know about their history. Have they been married before? Do they have kids? Do they have an STD? And what some men are finding out to be worse than herpes—did you vote for Donald Trump?

That’s what a woman asked Bryan Leib on their fancy Philadelphia date (yes, it’s possible for Philly to be fancy). When the Leib, treasurer of the Philadelphia Young Republicans, told her that he voted her Donald Trump, the date came to an abrupt end.

“She stopped in her tracks and said, ‘You know what, Bryan? This has been a lot of fun, but I think we’re two completely different people,’” Leib recalled. “And she literally got up and left.”

According to Steve Ward, the CEO of Master Matchmakers, dating is now “much more polarizing” than it was before Trump won the election. “There was always a rule that you shouldn’t talk about politics on a first date, but now it’s almost impossible for people not to express themselves and not know what the other person believes,” Ward said. “People on opposite sides at this point have lost the civility of being able to agree to disagree.”

Dating sites are even helping people screen for political views they don’t agree with. OKCupid prompts users to answer “Do you enjoy discussing politics,” and since last year, they’ve seen a 50% increase in those who said it was important to them.

“We’re finding that politics are becoming a bigger deal-breaker today,” OKCupid Marketing Chief Melissa Hobley said, “maybe the most they’ve been in many years, and certainly since the inception of dating apps.”

After noticing more users talking about politics, OKCupid added 14 additional political questions, including “Do you believe we should ‘build a wall?’” and “Do you think the left wing is guilty of perpetrating ‘Fake News’?”

But the question “that holds the most weight in terms of importance” for users simply asks “Trump?” Out of 2.5 million monthly users, over a million answered the question—and of those, 65% voted “no” or “hell no.”

Next time Lieb’s on a date, he should probably tell the woman up front that he voted for Trump. He’ll save a lot of time and money.