Trump Supporters Just Realized the GOP Tax Bill Will Ruin Their Lives


Trump voters continue to learn the hard way that they voted for a conman who has no interest in helping them. The GOP just passed its dumpster fire tax bill through the Senate, despite prominent analysts warning all Americans that it’s a massive win for the wealthiest Americans and corporations only.

According to The Washington Post, Republicans in the midwest don’t understand why the wealthiest Americans are getting the most significant breaks.

Ron Stephens, 49, asked, “Why are you going to lower their taxes? The level of lifestyle that they have versus everyone else — why do they need that? It’s not that big of an impact for them, but for someone making $30,000 a year? That would have a huge impact on them.”

Patrick Colley submitted to the realization that corporations “are not in a caring mode,” and more money for corporations doesn’t equal more jobs for working Americans.

Colley stated, “It’s depressing, you know? It’s depressing. I pay like 30 percent [in taxes], and I’m a regular guy. It’s not fair. And a millionaire pays like 12 percent. It’s not fair. It’s not fair at all.”

Yes, it’s not fair at all, yet these people continue to vote for politicians who mistreat them. All a person has to do is look at Republicans’ bank accounts to understand why they want to help the wealthiest Americans. While Republicans continue to expand their lavish lifestyles, the working American is left struggling to try to make ends meet.

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