Trump Just Showed How Terrified He Is In A Series of Pathetic Tweets


President Donald Trump’s week isn’t going well and from the looks of it, neither will the rest of his presidency. In what appears to be a desperate attempt to deflect from Robert Mueller’s investigation, which has seen the heads of Trump allies rolling, it looks like all the king’s men are falling and they may just bring the king down with them. Trump knows this so he does what he does best: Rant and rave and try to deflect attention from himself and on to someone else. Here’s what he wrote on his Twitter feed:

Notice here that Trump doesn’t even try to defend Manafort, a one time Trump campaign manager. All he’s saying is that whatever they busted Manafort for, it wasn’t around the time he was Trump’s campaign manager. This statement tells us volumes about Trump: He doesn’t care what happens to those around him or those who have served him as long as he doesn’t get hurt by it and survives. Folks, this is the man we’ve elected to the presidency.

On another note, notice how Trump is attempting to discredit the investigation but has yet to unleash a nasty barrage of insults on the man conducting the investigation, Robert Mueller. By this time, you would have expected Trump to have unleashed a Twitter storm against the man behind the investigation that could lead to the downfall of the former game show host turned president of the United States, but as of yet, not one word.

There has been talk that Trump may fire Mueller as a last resort but the consequences would be huge. Here’s what Trump attorney Jey Sekulev had to say to ABC News about the possibility of firing Mueller:

“The president has not indicated to me or to anyone else that I work with that he’s had any intent on terminating Robert S. Mueller III. You could only terminate a special counsel for cause, and we just don’t see any basis for cause.”

At this point Trump is likely seething to have Mueller fired but can’t find an excuse as his lawyer admitted. Trump knows that investigators are going after Trump’s circle to get whatever they can on them and then get them to cooperate against Trump. While Trump is correct when he says that whatever dirt they found on Manafort precedes his tenure as Trump’s campaign manager, the objective here is to put Manafort and others in a compromising position and then get them to cooperate against the billionaire president. Thus, you can bet that at this point, Trump’s looking for any angle to go after Mueller. It’s what he does best.

Trump has stayed eerily silent on Mueller and he hasn’t been targeted by Trump who at this point is terrifed and watiing in the wings to find an excuse to stop Mueller and the investigsation.

However, whether Trump cooperates or not, and whether it’s Mueller or someone else, the country will get an answer to whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, a country that we already know tried very hard to swing the election in his favor.

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