Trump Dives Into An Early Thursday Morning Rant Like A ‘Wounded Animal’


If there was ever a doubt that the new president is unfocused, ill-prepared, and unhinged, his 4 AM Twitter rant on Thursday morning following a week of blatant lies and easily debunked statements put all those doubts to rest.

Trump really seems to want to push the new Russia/Uranium scandal, aimed directly at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, now that he’s under fire for his idiotic lies about Obama’s contacts with military families and an entire day of calling gold star family members liars. It is what the president does best: deflect, distract, and outright lie.

His retweet, however, is quite interesting. Trump had no time for two weeks to acknowledge the four deaths of American soldiers in Niger, has barely mentioned the deadly wildfires in California, and continues to allow Puerto Ricans to suffer and die after Hurricane Maria, but he does have time to read comments on his tweets. The misguided one by follower “missK” was in response to his tweet about the dossier, and she’s another Trump cult follower swallowing his lies hook, line, and sinker, but it is followers like her who chose this president to sit in the highest office in the land. Her Twitter feed is chock-full of some of the more disgusting examples of bile that Trump followers like to spread.

These are the folks who have the president’s ear. That’s a frightening thought.

The rest of Twitter, however, was not as accepting of the madman in the White House.