Trump Goes Into A Twitter Meltdown Over Mueller’s Morning Indictments


The announcement broke this morning that special counsel Robert Mueller is indicting former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Manafort’s associate Richard Gates for alleged crimes committed during their time working as lobbyists for a pro-Putin organization in Ukraine.

George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign advisor, has also been indicted and struck a plea deal with Mueller, related to false statements he made to the FBI when questioned in the Russia probe.

Not surprisingly, the president was less than pleased to see his former campaign manager accused of twelve charges, including “conspiracy against the United States.” At best, it means Trump has terrible judgment and chose an outright criminal to run his campaign for a period of time, at worst it’s the first major indictment in what could prove to be a series of dominoes.

If Manafort knows of any criminal wrongdoing by Trump or any of his associates, it’s conceivable he could testify against them to reduce his charges.

Trump is clearly worried. He took to Twitter to disavow and distance himself from Manafort and then did a hard pivot to his favorite trick of attacking Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Neither party has anything to do with Mueller indictments and the tweet is a pathetic attempt by Trump to distract from the Manafort bombshell.

Apparently, he wasn’t satisfied with just one tweet, because three minutes later he followed it up with another, this one lapsing into caps lock towards the end, presumably as Trump’s pudgy fingers began to vibrate with rage.

It’s unclear if more indictments are on the horizon, but in any case, this morning’s announcements are a huge blow to Trump’s already struggling presidency. It further delegitimizes him and once again pulls the national discourse away from his legislative agenda towards discussion of his corruption. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for his administration.