Exposed: Trump Is Using JFK Files As A Distractor From This Trump-Russia Bombshell


Donald Trump is releasing some long-secret government files today about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It’s not as if Trump is doing anything particularly unique here; today’s JFK release date was set in place twenty-five years ago, and he’s just going along with it. But it’s coming at a time when the biggest, if perhaps the most confusing, Trump-Russia bombshell has just landed.

Trump is really hoping the JFK files will cause you to overlook it.

Yesterday it was revealed that the Donald Trump campaign’s voter data analysis arm, a company called Cambridge Analytica, was trying to conspire with fugitive Russian puppet Julian Assange in the hope of stealing Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The Daily Beast has a smoking gun, in the form of a confession uncovered in a secret email from the head of the company. This proves that Trump’s data analysis people weren’t using some magical formula to figure out precisely which voters to target on any given city block; instead they were desperate to work with foreign criminals to steal data.

Now that the floodgate is open, once additional details imminently leak out about the dealings between Cambridge Analytica and Russian hackers, it’ll paint a clear picture of how the Donald Trump campaign conspired with Russia to rig the election – not just talk about it in suspicious meetings, but actually do it. It’ll confirm what much of the nation has already come to strongly believe: that Trump illegally cheated.

So by all means, go ahead and take a look at the JFK files today. Why not? Assuming Donald Trump hasn’t altered them, the files may provide a fascinating glimpse into one of America’s darkest scandals. But by the end of the day, be sure to remind yourself that we’re currently living through one of America’s darkest scandals – Trump and Russia – and that it’s reaching a fever pitch as we speak.