Trump Voters Think Black People Are A Bigger Threat Than North Korea – Shocking Poll Reveals


North Korea—one of the biggest threats to America and the entire world. Capable of launching nuclear weapons all the way to Chicago, with an arsenal that grows every day. Led by a deranged demagogue hellbent on destroying the United States. A country President Trump just named a terrorist state,” prompting even more threats from Pyongyang. They are a clear and present danger…or, as Trump voters believe, not as bad as Black Lives Matter.

In a recent survey by Occidental Public Polling, 70% of Trump voters find BLM a more significant threat to America than North Korea. “I ain’t worried about that North Korea boy,” said Merle Watson of Bentonville, Ark. “I’m worried about one of them Black Lives Matters sumbitches trying to get at my daughter.”

Black Lives Matter is a nonviolent movement that formed after several cases of police officers murdering black men and women across the country, such as Eric Garner and Michael Brown. However, conservatives have tried to portray BLM as a militant terrorist group. Alex Jones, king of conspiracy, feeds into this idea as often as he can.

“There are a lot of great black people out there,” said Jones. “But they have filled a lot of black folks full of anti-white racism and the media’s promoting it and the attacks on whites are all over the place and intensifying. Just like we’ve had hundreds stabbed and 15 dead and hundreds run over, it’s not even in the news now with Muslim attacks. But one woman getting run over by a guy that turns out is an Obama supporter, the guy leading the thing was an Obama supporter, a Black Lives Matter leader, an Occupy leader, the other white supremacists tied him with the groups. And then they caught the State Department on TV, CIA people, being the first witnesses. I mean, it’s like ‘Whoa!’ at this point.”

Likewise, the Gateway Pundit also tried to connect BLM to recent riots in St. Louis, but that violence happened after a BLM rally. And when there are BLM protests, they are usually accompanied by SWAT teams brutalizing people, like in this video below where they trample an older white woman:

To say that BLM is a threat at all takes extreme cognitive dissonance. But to say it’s a threat worse than North Korea is an utter delusion.