Trump Woke Up & Goes Into An Early Morning Twitter Rant About ‘Loser’ CNN


Donald Trump loves to tout his “many accomplishments” throughout his presidency, although most Americans fail to find any accomplishments that are worth much. Upon return from his trip to China, the Philippines, and other locations in Asia, Trump was quick to brag about his work and complain about “fake news.”

For a man who insists that he rarely watches TV as president because he’s too busy “reading documents,” he sure knows a lot about what is said. It’s interesting that he’s pre-briefed on what will show on Fox News and, especially, his favorite show, Fox & Friends. The relationship between Trump and the network that scientists found had “the least informed viewers” seems rather poetic, Trump loves his “poorly educated” fans. It’s beginning to feel a bit like state media.

It’s very curious, too, that someone “forced” him to watch CNN. Were guns held to his head? Was he handcuffed to a chair and tortured with non-stop CNN clips?

That’s beginning to sound like a really good tactic for after he goes to jail for colluding with Russia.