Trump’s Administration Just Made Game – Changing Decision That Could Kill Thousands of Animals


Donald Trump and his entire administration needs to be removed from the White House as soon as possible. There is a multitude of evidence proving that each member of this cabinet should find themselves behind bars – for life. But, for some strange reason, these monsters are still holding their positions of power – and passing horrible, hurtful pieces of legislation any chance they can.

Recently, the Trump administration made a MAJOR ruling in regards to the killing of thousands of species of birds. They, much like you would imagine, reversed an Obama-era rule – and said that the hunting and killing of these innocent birds is now no longer illegal.

And as soon as that news went public, a collective, “WHAT THE F**K?!” could be heard echoing throughout the country.

When reached for comment, Interior Department’s Principal Deputy Assistant Solicitor Daniel Jorjani said, “Interpreting the MBTA to apply to incidental or accidental actions hangs the sword of Damocles over a host of otherwise lawful and productive actions, threatening up to six months in jail and a $15,000 penalty for each and every bird injured or killed.

Many people applauded this decision. Erik Milito, of the American Petroleum Institute said, “This opinion makes clear that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act should not be used for overzealous enforcement of criminal penalties on those engaging in otherwise lawful activities.”

Adding, “The department’s approach is an example of astute governance that provides certainty for responsible owners and operators of oil and natural gas facilities.” Wow. Unbelievable. For those who can’t see what’s going on here, this is an obvious ploy to please the multiple NRA lobbyist on the Republican side of things. Americans deserve better. Remove Donald Trump and his greedy cronies from the White House – NOW!!!

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