Twitter Just Went Wild After Trump Makes Bizarre Appearance During Press Briefing


On Thursday, President Donald Trump held a televised appearance for a White House press briefing. However, the presentation was a bit odd, since he was reportedly in the vicinity. Like, really, REALLY close by.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee presented a big TV screen to the briefing room, allowing President Trump to go on about what he believes have been his accomplishments during his tenure as president.

Many reporters that were live onsite were confused as to why President Trump couldn’t walk “50 feet” to the briefing room from his office. However, reporters weren’t surprised, given that his presence would mean he would need to deflect questions. Still, it begged the question: Why hold a briefing at all?

Why Is President Trump Scared of the Media?
President Trump has a bone to pick with the media, with him always calling news networks “fake news” or the “crooked media.” The president constantly calls out alleged sources, saying that reporters invent sources to make up stories about him — even though a recent publication revealed that he has a habit of calling his close friends and associates on a daily basis to decompress, with nothing stopping these supposed friends from divulging details to the media.

“Go for the jugular” was one of the recommendations that Trump explained in his 2009 book, “Think Big.” He recommends to always get even, make an example of adversaries so everyone watching will know what will happen to them if they mess with you, and demand allegiance. The news media is supposed to be impartial, delivering facts to the masses. President Trump sees a problem with this, with his attacks showing how unconfident he is, unless you are Sean Hannity or the cheerleaders over at Fox and Friends, of course.

Twitter had a heyday with his bizarre non-appearance: