Twitter users just mocked Trump for ’embarrassing’ Fourth of July Speech


Every single time Donald Trump stands in front of a microphone, the entire country stands in wait, wondering how he’ll embarrass the nation with his actions and his rhetoric. However, sometimes we get lucky and he just embarrasses himself with another layer of disgusting spray tan or a ridiculous facial expression that only he could pull off. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised, especially on one of America’s most important holidays, when Trump manages to pull off both of these things.

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President Trump rung in the Fourth of July this Wednesday by celebrating the “noble sacrifice” of U.S. service members. An odd choice for a man who once attacked Gold Star families who had criticized the president for his lack of empathy.

In a video shared online, Trump retold the story of the Declaration of Independence and the war against Great Britain that followed.

“It was 242 years ago today in Philadelphia that 56 brave representatives of the American people adopted our Declaration of Independence,” Trump said. “They announced to the world that America would be free and America would be independent.”

“They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor,” he continued. “In so doing, they forever changed the course of human history.”

Then Trump took a turn focusing on the U.S. military.

“Let us never forget that our freedom has been earned through the blood and sweat and sacrifice of American heroes,” Trump said.

“And let us share the grateful heart of our nation with every veteran and member of the United States Armed Forces,” he continued. “Truly special people.”

Despite actually attempting to sound sincere, anyone with a brain who has been paying attention to our so-called president’s behavior over the past several months (and years before) know that Trump can spit out lies with the best of them.

That may be why several people chose to focus on how ridiculous Trump looked in his new wig rather than listen to the dribble coming out of #45’s mouth. Twitter users were quick to fire back at the president with some of the best comments. Check out the video and Donald’s new hairpiece below!

Twitter users reacted: