U.S. Army Just Made Fun of Trump in a ‘Bigly’ Way


Whoever is running the official Twitter account for the U.S. Army is sure to get a mouthful (or a high five) once their superior in charge sees what they did.

On early Saturday, President Trump randomly tweeted out how smart he was, calling himself a “very stable genius.”

Actress Mindy Kaling, in turn, tweeted out a meme making fun of Trump, that read:

“You guys, I’m like really smart now, you don’t even know.”

The tweet was an instant hit.

And, yes, the U.S. Army even liked it. See below:

So far, the like hasn’t been deleted from their account, and people everywhere are noticing it – loving the fact that the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces is being trolled by his own soldiers. What’s not to like about that?

Mindy Kaling even noticed the LIKE later in the day and shouted out “army strong,” appreciating the solidarity.

While this is most likely the work of a lowly paid soldier and not an official statement of the entire U.S. Army, it’s not too far-fetched that it came from General Mark A. Milley himself. The outspoken U.S. Army Chief, just a few months ago, subtweeted President Trump shortly after Trump failed to condemn the racist violence in Charlottesville.

He said via a statement:

He wasn’t the only one. The Commander of the Marines and Chief of Naval Operations also spoke out against racism, making clear statements against the events. While they didn’t mention Trump by name, they made Trump look bad for refusing to put out such a statement himself.

If Trump is going to command the respect of his military, he’s probably going to have to stop making statements such as “I know more than the generals do,” like he did during his campaign for president.

Expect Trump to lose his mind over this one once he finds out what the U.S. Army just did.