Just In: Workers Unite, Make Big Move to Take Trump Down


Working-class Americans are uniting against Donald Trump in a MAJOR way. The hospitality union Unite Here is now organizing much-need protests in over 40 cities across America to highlight the terrible conditions that service employees endure in working for Trump Organization, the HuffingtonPost reports.

And this is only the LATEST effort of Unite Here to put Trump in his place and force concessions out of him. The union went toe to toe with Trump last year in a tough, almost brutal effort to unionize the restaurant employees and housekeepers who work at Trump’s Las Vegas hotel.

The good news is that Unite Here won that initial unionization effort, and now they’re more emboldened than ever, ready to take the fight to Trump once more. And the group’s doing just that, as the union is now mobilizing its 300,000 members for mass demonstrations against Trump on October 19.

Unite Here president D. Taylor said that he and his fellow union members are going to do everything they can to make Trump get right with them. Taylor said that the quality of the work environments in Trump’s companies are abysmal and must be improved.

“Most of these jobs are not good jobs,” Taylor said. “The only way those jobs change is if people have good union contracts, decent wages, good healthcare and retirement benefits. As much as we’d all love for manufacturing jobs to come back, we think we need to turn these [hospitality] jobs into good jobs.”

Right on—Taylor and his peers have realized what many other Americans haven’t. The most powerful political force in America is our nation’s working-class citizens. If we all band together to improve our working conditions, then no one—including Trump—can stop us.

Indeed, Unite Here is just one union, though it boasts an impressive 300,000 members. Can you imagine what would happen if EVERY union in America came out to protest on October 19?

For now, the Resistance can dream. But it’s protests like the upcoming Unite Here demonstrations that raise the national consciousness around unions and make more unionization efforts possible.

untie hereIt’s all about putting Trump—and other business owners like him—on notice. Make concessions, D. Taylor says, or face the wrath of the working class.

“We need to be moving forward, not just playing defense,” Taylor said. “We want to win strong contracts, and we want to win protections for these workers.”

Trump’s cheated everyone—his workers, his supporters and the nation. His legacy is as brutal as it is disgraceful. Workers must continue to stand up for their rights in America. People like Trump certainly won’t make concessions without a fight.

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