Video: A Week After Las Vegas Shooting NRA Drops Sickening Statement


It’s been just over a week since almost 60 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded in a mass shooting incident at a Las Vegas country music festival. The controversy over how to keep such incidents from recurring was unsurprisingly re-opened by the incident, with those on the left calling for increased controls on firearms.

Unsurprisingly, those on the right have rebuffed these calls, insisting beyond reason that “Second Amendment rights” to own high powered weaponry trumps the right of Americans to safety from mass shooting incidents — of course, they rarely spell out that last part explicitly.

Appearing on Fox this Monday, NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch took the right’s arguments to a new extreme, dumping any pretense of even caring about stopping incidents similar to the Las Vegas shooting from recurring.

As if she was an article from satirical news site The Onion come to life, Loesch claimed that there is no way to have stopped the Las Vegas shooting from happening, even though it’s not as though this sort of incident happens on such a regular basis anywhere in the Western world besides the United States. There is a simple line to follow from shooter Stephen Paddock’s legal acquisition of an arsenal to the carnage he inflicted in Las Vegas.

She said:

‘There’s nothing that could have done unfortunately to prevent this tragedy. I know this investigation is ongoing and I don’t want to get ahead of the law enforcement that’s involved in this right now, but usually with individuals like these there are some sort of red flags, and I’m just curious as to what sort of vibe, what sort of red flags that this individual was putting out.’

She literally contradicts herself; if there were red flags, indicating what Paddock was intending to do, and those warning signs could have been responded to, how can she claim that nothing could have been done to save the lives of those almost 60 people?

The NRA suggested after the shooting that they would support additional regulations on devices that the Las Vegas shooter had used to alter his weapons and increase their firepower, but, in a move that surprised exactly nobody, the organization walked back their support for these regulations.

Watch Loesch’s comments below: