Watch: ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough Calls the GOP ‘The Party of Pedophiles’


This year, the GOP’s image has taken a significant hit. Numerous Republicans throughout the country, particularly in Oklahoma, are embroiled in sex scandals. Several have said Republicans engaged in illicit activities with minors.

Senate candidate Roy Moore is on the hot seat following the exposure of his underage sex scandal by the Washington Post. Despite the overwhelming evidence proving Roy Moore is a pedophile, he continues to deny engaging in any foul play.

Journalist Joe Heilemann appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the president’s somewhat unambiguous response to the Roy Moore scandal and the possibility of Moore losing. Heilemann said:

morning joe republican pedophiles

“And in that case you get the worst of all worlds, you lose the seat and in the process of losing it, you’ve ended up becoming the party of pedophiles which is a double whammy that the president’s trying to pull off here.”

Joe Scarborough then added, “So let’s get serious now and talk about what’s going on with Donald Trump, Roy Moore, the state of the Republican party. They have to be very concerned. Democrats and a lot of never Trumpers and also conservatives are starting to say, if Donald Trump and the Republicans back Roy Moore and seat him, they are going to be the party of pedophiles. That’s harsh talk.”

Watch the conversation below: