A White House Official Just Cast Doubt On Trump’s Claim About Call To Military Widow


Trump, in his inimitable, despicable fashion has managed to turn the death of an American soldier into a national, politicized scandal. La David Johnson was killed along with three other servicemen when their patrol was ambushed in Niger.

According to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL), who was in the car with widow Myeshia Johnson when Trump called to offer condolences, the president callously stated that the slain warrior “knew what he signed up for.” It’s the last thing a grieving family member needs to hear after the death of a loved one.

Trump has since taken to both Twitter and spoken directly to the press to refute the claim, accusing Wilson of lying. His claims fly in the face of the fact that the fallen soldier’s mother has confirmed that Trump disrespected her family. The country is faced with the choice of believing the word of the president, a known pathological liar, or a Congresswoman and the mother of fallen hero with no reasons to lie.

Trump has dug his heels in deep over the issue, and categorically denied that he made the heartless comment. Now, a White House official seems to be walking back Trump’s claims. According to The Sentinel, the official told the publication that the president was “misunderstood” during the phone call to Myeshia Johnson.

“This president cares deeply. Maybe he said something that was misunderstood, but he certainly cares about fallen servicemen and women,” the source said anonymously.

The source, whoever it may be, is the first person from the White House to concede that Trump may have said something insulting even though he or she added the caveat that it was a simple misunderstanding. Until now, Trump and his team have categorically denied that he made the comment at all.

The president is being pushed closer and closer to admitting that he lied. If Myeshia Johnson herself comes out and reveals the truth, Trump will be forced to choose between confessing that he made offensive comments to the widow, or accuse her of lying too.