Woman Who Got Fired For Flipping Off Trump’s Motorcade Reveals Her Next Move


Yesterday, it was revealed that Juli Briskman, the woman who flipped the middle finger to Donald Trump’s presidential convoy in a viral photo, was fired when her bosses learned that it was her in the image.

An outpouring of support from the rest of the country followed, with many patriotic Americans seeing their own frustration and disgust with the state of the country epitomized in her defiant hand gesture. As for her part, Briskman says she doesn’t regret her actions and would flip the bird at Trump again, given the chance.

Since the news broke, Briskman has seen a huge surge in Twitter followers and now sits comfortably at around 14,000 fans. Seeing that she now has a powerful platform to spread her political messaging, she tweeted out this morning that she will be working the polls.

There are elections in numerous states today, most prominently the gubernatorial race in Virginia, but it’s crucial that everyone who is able goes out and votes for Democrats down the ticket. In the tweet, Briskman also poked fun at her recent termination by pointing out that she is able to help at the polls since she’s unemployed now.

If you live in a state holding elections today, make sure to do your part and go out and vote. Any successful campaign to end Trump’s hateful, regressive agenda starts on a local level.

We need to fill the government from top to bottom with Democrats if we are going to stand a chance against the wave of bigotry currently washing across the country. Juli Briskman knows how important voting is, make sure to do your patriotic duty today as well.